Congratulations to our 2014 Summer SURF Recipients!

Congratulations to our 2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) award recipients! The competition for the awards was fierce this year as 195 undergraduates submitted research proposals for review. After a grueling evaluation process, our multidisciplinary committee awarded 74 SURFs to undergraduate students.

The SURF program attracts a variety of students, from the novice researcher looking to discover something new to the student preparing for their honors thesis. A wide range of projects are fostered by the program. The 2014 selected project titles include: “Structured Space: How to Organize an Archaic Greek City,” “21st Century Carbonylation: Employment of the Hieber Anion,” “Understanding the Cross-Generational Voices and Culinary Culture of Women in Northern Morocco,” and “Evaluation of Novel Small Molecules as Therapeutic Anticoagulants.”

Each SURF recipient will engage in undergraduate research, scholarship or performance for at least 9 weeks, with a minimum of 20 hours per week, between May 13, 2014 and August 16, 2014. Projects will be supervised by a faculty research advisor, and collaborations with graduate students or postdoctoral fellows are encouraged. To learn more about the SURF program and the application process, please visit here.

Olivia Abrecht, American Studies

Samantha Asofsky, Psychology

Benjamin Badger, Biology

Sarah Jane Bassett, Chemistry

Cenk Baykal, Computer Science

Connor Belson, Biology

Anuradha Bhowmik, Women’s Studies

Sarah Bird, Health

Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Olivia Branscum, Philosophy

Eleanor Brightbill, Chemistry

Lindsey Broadwell, Chemistry

Alexander Brown, Biology

Andrew Cabaniss, Classics

Diego Camposeco, Art

Taylor Comte, Applied Sciences

Ashley Conrad, Biology

Kirsten Consing, Psychology

Abigail Cooksey, History

Caroline deSaussure, Psychology

Natalie Deuitch, Biology

Luma Essaid, Nutrition

Adrianna Grace Farson, Communication Studies

Alex Flores, Chemistry

Tsion Ghedamu, Public Policy

Megan Hynek, Archaeology

Crystal Ibe, Psychology

Chloe Imus, Romance Languages

Karina Javalkar, Health Policy & Administration

Catherine Keller, Biology

Emily Kowalczyk, History

Amanda Kramer, Health

Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Jack Largess, Geography

Michael Lebhar, Applied Sciences

Kayla Leonard, History

Emily Lobos, Psychology

Aaron Lovett, History

Jesus Martinez Alvarado, Chemistry

Teresa Martz, Biology

Meredith McCliment, Exercise & Sport Science

Raleigh McCoy, Public Policy

Sarah McShane, Chemistry

Sean McWeeny, Psychology

Christine Nam, Biology

Arjun Padalia, Chemistry

Akash Patlolla, Biology

Claire Pauley, Psychology

Heyman Peraza, Clinical Laboratory Science

Antonio Porras, Mathematics

Edward Pruette, Religous Studies

Christopher Register, Philosophy

Bret Robinson, Nutrition

Andrew Ross, Chemistry

Frances Schick, Global Studies

Amanda Sergesketter, Biology

Yihui Sheng, Mathematical Decision Science

Courtney Shepard, Anthropology

Nancy Smith, Asian Studies

Andrew Soboeiro, History

Emily Stroobant, Chemistry

Hillary Stroud, American Studies

Amanda Sutter, Geology

Maura Thornton, Biology

Keren Tseytlin, Mathematical Decision Science

Nikhil Umesh, Health

Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Madelyn Usher, Political Science

Alissa Vanderlinden, Biology

Isaac Warshauer, Archaeology

Julia Whitley, Biology

Julian Willett, Chemistry

Yue Yang, Sociology

Chang Zhao, Anthropology

Zijian Zhou, Chemistry

Fareeda Zikry, Global Studies